Bordeaux marina

The marina

Located 100  km away from the ocean, Bordeaux marina, also called “port de la lune” (“Moon Harbour”), is both a sea port and a river port, able to accommodate large yachts and sailboats as well as river vessels. This port of call is at the heart of the city, in the largest UNESCO World Heritage urban site.

Tarifs 2015


Honneur Pontoon:

  • total pontoon length 155 meters
  • double bollards
  • total boat accommodation capacity 900 tons
  • an experimental turbine producing power from the river’s current
  • 5 water and electricity points
  • greywater storage facilities
  • free public WiFi

Benauge pontoon:

  • total pontoon length 105 meters
  • total boat accommodation capacity 350 tons
  • water and electricity
  • greywater storage facilities
  • public toilets less than 200 meters away

Cité du Vin pontoon (June 2016) :

  • total pontoon length 90 meters
  • total boat accommodation capacity 1,000 tons
  • water and electricity